What is coaching?

Coaching is a work methodology centered on the achievement of goals and results. Additionally, its goal is to contribute to develop the individual potential as well as the teams of organizations potential.

As coaches, we explore and analyze the current situation in order to redesign the future. The purpose is for our client to use new strategies, rethink his/her way to tackle obstacles and finally, find the necessary resources to be more effective in the future, enabling him/her to produce the results he/she desires.

Why work with a coach?

If we don't change the course, we are likely to end in the same place towards which we are heading.

To be able to change course, it is necessary to position ourselves in another place, to address everything with a new mentality.

Modifying the mental pattern to achieve the goals that elude us for the time being, implies a radical and liberating transformation, often difficult for our mindsets.

The biggest reluctance to change resides in the basic structure of our ideas, concepts and beliefs (mental map). Therefore, internalizing new ideas, leaving behind old habits and beliefs that are no longer of any use for the achievement of our goals, represent a big challenge, especially in these times dominated by a new world order that demands our increasing competence.

The Coach guarantees change. He creates conscience to identify the moment of transition or the need of change, and supplies the necessary tools to bring it to a successful conclusion. He accompanies in the moment of analysis of the current situation, in the creation of strategies according to the personality and skills of the individual, and in the establishment of an action plan that leads the person to the goal he/she wants to achieve. He also guarantees the mental strengthening needed to face possible obstacles that might stand in the way of the person and his/her goal, as there are is no person without resources, but mental states without resources.

Coaching improves your resources, strengthens your confidence and acts as a manager in your search for excellence. A properly managed coaching process guarantees, that future changes will always be motivators, laying the foundations for future achievements.

Coaching Strategy

Methods and Tools

The 6 core ideas of coaching:


What do you want to achieve? What is your goal? What target do you wish to accomplish?



What is your current situation in general? What is your current relation to the goal? What is actually preventing you from achieving it?



What has so far stopped you from achieving your goal? What is happening?



What can you do to modify the current situation?



What will you do to change the situation? When will you do it?



What are you willing to do? What motivates you to do it?